Jesnick, I 2016 Andamento: The First Ten Years themes, trends and variants. Andamento Volume 10 2016. British  Association for Modern Mosaic  ISSN 1752-5578

This article charts the history of British mosaic from the mid 19th Century to the present day. Interest in Mosaic in Britain coincided with the Great Exhibition of 1851 and the creation of the ‘British Valhalla’ in Kensington, which went on to become the V&A, where a mosaic school was founded.  The Arts and Crafts movement from the 1880’s and its spread across Europe and North America as Art Nouveau (and the Sessionists) further ensured the popularity of mosaic.  Since the 1970’s in Britain, mosaic has moved out of the Public Art Sphere and has moved in to private commission or community art, the latter being seen as a means of getting local people involved in making art for their area, either in schools or in neighbourhoods.


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