Buszek, M E. 2011.  Editor, Extra/Ordinary: Craft and Contemporary Art (Introduction), Duke University Press, ISBN 9780822347392

This book takes a strong, political stance, and is interesting for that reason.  It mentions many of the authors and themes I have already examined (Adamson, signs and symbols, for example) and gives them a Marxist interpretation.  For example Buszek reads Craft as being used by artists throughout the modern period (i.e. Robert Rauschenberg 1955 ‘Quilt’) as a reaction to the elitism of modern art and a way towards looking at ‘common’ culture for inspiration.  She sees craft as having ‘signs’ that fix Craft in the ‘real world’.  She sees that contemporary artists who use craft in their work (Yinka Shonibare is an example of this) where the materials the artist uses are chosen because of the sociohistorical contexts they represent, rather than as a means of exploring the unique properties of the materials themselves.  She therefore sees a big crossover between craft and conceptial art.


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