Rowley, S 1997.  Craft & Contemporary Theory (Introduction) Allen & Unwin
ISBN 1 86448 313 X

Here Sue Rowley discusses a different debate to Art vs Craft.  She states that Craft distinguishes itself from Trade as the Craft Practitioner makes judgements which reflect aesthetic values which in themselves are subject to processes of cultural change.  She also states that Craft is often judged for its tactile qualities as well as its visual appeal.  She writes that the idea of a ‘Craft Canon’ is problematic as craft is not one single, coherent bounded practice. However, Crafts do have values in common: materials might differ but themes run through all of them, such as the influence of modern techniques on the practice.  She sees the importance for current practitioners to be aware of the legacy of their craft.  She feels that the modern crafts person has a greater desire to communicate an idea to his or her audience than previous generations.


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