Adamson, G. 2013. The Invention of Craft. Bloomsbury  ISBN 978-0-85785-066-9

Adamson is a cultural commentator with a background in Research and Curation both in Europe and USA. He was Head of Research at the V&A at the time he wrote this.  In this work he argues that the notion of Craft is intrinsic to industrialization and that it is a modern concept. Craftspeople existed prior to the Industrial Revolution but it is only since the IR that it has been classed as a separate sphere of endeavour.  He comments that the modern concept of ‘craft’ was under threat pre industialization by the development of the division of labour: workers making a part of an object rather than the object as a whole.  He states that Modern Art criticism sees Craft as a supplement to the work of art: the frame around the painting and negates the ‘craft’ of making the art itself.


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