Vilches, F 2007. The art of archaeology: Mark Dion and his dig projects. Journal of Social Archaeology 06/2007 Volume 7, Issue 2.  ISSN 1469-6053

This article discusses two ‘dig projects’ of American artist Mark Dion.  This is a useful companion to the above book as it discusses Dion’s work in detail which is a good example of how art and archaeology can influence each other.  The writer describes how Dion’s work resonates with some elements of postprocessualism (a movement in archaeological theory that emphasizes the subjectivity of archaeological interpretations).  She describes how the artist critiques the classification systems used by archaeologists in their methodology by ‘borrowing’ them.  She discusses the impact this approach has on the viewing audience in helping them interpret the work and relate it to their own historical identity.  This article also highlights the differences in the two ‘dig projects’ with one being in London and the other in New England.


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