Bentley, P and Drostle, G. 2013. What’s it going to take to advance Contemporary Mosaic? Mosaic Art Now, 20 April 2013

Paul Bentley and Gary Drostle are both members of BAMM and have held the position of Chair.  This article covers their views as to why Tate Modern refuses to show Mosaic in their galleries.  It is a very useful reference piece as it looks at many of the issues involved with Mosaic.  Bentley argues that by hosting it’s annual conference in 2012 at the V&A, BAMM is actually agreeing with the Tate that Mosaic is confined to the ‘Decorative’ and is not ‘Art’.   Gary Drostle, on the other hand, argues that the concept is more important than the medium and cites both Chuck Close (Emma) and Tony Cragg (Menschenmenge) as examples of this and uses the term ‘Visual Tessarae’ to describe their work.  The discussion continues in the comments section with interesting contributions from other leading Mosaic artists such as Emma Biggs and Marcelo de Melo.


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