Sparrow, V. British Folk Art: The house that Jack built Exhibition Review.   Dandelion Postgraduate arts journal and research network.  Volume 5 Number 2 Spring 2015. Pub Birkbeck University of London.  

This article is a critique of Tate Britain’s Exhibition of British Folk Art that was held in 2014.   It is really useful on several levels as it acknowledges the significance of an institution such as the Tate hosting an exhibition of this type and discusses the significance of the move from Museum to Gallery.  It questions whether this move sits comfortably outside the genre of Social History and also discusses why some of the pieces featured in the exhibition are so ‘now’ – echoing for example the popularity of Cath Kitson and programmes on television that have a homemaker focus such as Kirsty Allsop’s craft series.  She references Clement Greenberg in her discussion of Folk Art and Kitsch and Walter Benjamin in her discussion of the importance of the Object. It also contains the first reference to ‘Boody Ware’ that I have come across in an academic journal.


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