Reflective post number 14



I have been rereading the material I read over the summer around Art and Archaeology and in particular, about Mark Dion and his Thames Dig.   I love mudlarking.  I always go to the river at Wapping because I love the view of Tower Bridge from there.  Being on the foreshore makes me feel as if I’m in a secret part of the city.   Often it takes a few minutes for one’s eye to adjust to looking in detail at the sand.  I have also been reading Ted Sandling’s excellent book ‘London in Fragments, a Mudlark’s treasures’ which has beautiful photos of his finds with accompanying notes of their origins.  My favourite find is a clay pipe I found in 2015.   I sent it to Ted’s Facebook page London Mudlarks and received some background on it.  Apparently it was made 300 years ago to commemorate the union of Scotland and England – hence the thistles and roses.  It was found in the year of the Scottish Referendum by a Londoner with a Scottish father…..

My Pipe of the Union

I really like the idea of doing a site  specific piece of work, using the objects I find there. One of my most favourite mosaic exhibitions was Emma Biggs and Matthew Collings Five Sisters in York in 2009.   The work was made in response to the Five Sisters stained glass window in York Minster and comprised of hundreds of medieval pottery shards that had been found on archaeological digs in the city.  None of them were stuck down as they all had to be labeled and returned to the city archive afterwards.  Some of the pieces had the thumb prints of the makers on them – Walter Benjamin would’ve liked that.

Image result for five sisters mosaic
Image from Five Sisters Mosaic

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