Reflective post number 15



I would by lying if I felt that all the pieces have fallen into place, but they are starting to. I now feel that my work has a definition and a history, thanks to my discovery of the wonderful term, ‘boody ware’.  I wish to continue to use objects in my work and have some very strong reference points in Emma Biggs and Cleo Mussi.  I also want to make a site specific piece with objects found there.  What it will be made of will depend on the site!  Meanwhile, I have been working in 3D on a small scale.  This is Marina, named after Marina Abramovic.  I was listening to an interview she gave on BBC 6 Music with Jarvis Cocker in which she said ‘that the best thing an artist could do with their artistic energy is to sit in a chair for 3 hours and do nothing.’  No chance of that, but my Marina head can do it for me!

Mosaic Head in Progress
Marina from the back

During my Work in Progress review this semester we discussed what sort of objects I would find in situ to work with on the Outer Hebrides.   Someone, who shall be nameless, but should’ve known better, suggested that I should mosaic a sheep, if I could find one.

Nice idea, but it’s already been done………Extreme Shepherding

The search continues………..



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