Reflective post number 11


25th November 2016: MAKING CONNECTIONS

Another form of mosaic using broken shards of china is called ‘Picassiette’ a French word meaning ‘ stolen from plate’.  This seems to have been widely adopted in Britain, in preference to ‘Boody Ware’.   In the French City of Chatres there is a house called ‘La Maison Picassiette’ which was decorated by it’s owner Raymond Isidore  over the period of of thirty years from 1932-62.  He was a road sweeper and used the objects he collected as the tessarae.  His work is termed Outsider Art.

Then there Gaudi’s extraordinary Park Guell in Barcelona, opened in 1926. This omplex contains many mosaics made out of diverse materials on very different surfaces.  Using broken tiles or pottery is sometimes termed ‘Gaudiesque’.

Bench at Park Guell, Barcelona

There is also the work of  Nek Chand in India. He worked as a transport official and started making little figures in his garden as a hobby.  By the time he died in 2015 his garden was known around the world.

Image result for nek chand
Figures at the Nek Chand Institute

All of these mosaics show a tradition away from the formal style normally associated with Roman or Byzantine Mosaics and of the Mosaics made in those styles with the revival of the mid nineteenth century.  I find it very exciting that there is a whole history of this sub category waiting to be explored.


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