Reflective post number 13



5th December 2016: LEARNING ON THE JOB IN HOVE

I spent today in the studio of a friend of mine, Liz Tiranti, who makes the most amazing 3D mosaics.  She has her studio in her garden in Hove and she let me help her while telling me how she makes her 3D shapes.

First you get your polysytrene blocks.  You shape them using a hot knife and a wire brush.

Stage 1

You then cut the shape in half to make a channel to insert a stablizing rod 2/3rds of the way up, that can be inserted in a base.  You then stick it back together with gorilla glue.  At this point you can add other components to the design, using steel pins and gorilla glue.

Stage 2

Then you cover the whole thing with plasterer’s mesh and cover this with a thinset of cement based adhesive.  You leave it to dry.  Then you cover with another layer of thinset, this time with fibreglass fibres added.  You leave it to dry again.  This takes two days.  Then you can start to mosaic the shape.  Here’s one she started earlier….

Stage 3

As they say, Rome wasn’t mosaicked in a day….


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