Reflective post number 7


8th November 2016:  WOT, NO MOSAIC?

 This morning’s seminar produced some really interesting ideas about how to approach our research for the R&I module.  Some people have been complaining that they have too much information to read: I have the opposite. Initial research efforts drew a blank and I have widened my search to ‘contemporary craft’ ‘mosaics’.   I have now read a lot of interesting material that has given me a broad base from which to start.  The most startling fact about the information I have read is the absence of any reference to Mosaic Making in the literature.  Why is this?   Even Glenn Adamson’s  ‘The Invention of Craft’ which was written while he was Head of Research at the V&A (which spearheaded the revived interest in Mosaics in Britain in the nineteenth century and used to be the home of a noted Mosaic School) does not refer to Mosaics or mosaic making in his work.   Mosaics occasionally feature in major exhibitions as part of a wider show,.  In 2014 the V&A held Disobedient Objects which featured Carrie Reichardt’s pick up truck decorated with mosaic, and she staged ‘A Ceramic Intervention’ (according to the V&A) on the outside of the building itself.  Call it what you like, but it looked  a lot like Mosaic to me!  No research is ever wasted, and my findings encourage me to read more and to fill in the gaps of my knowledge.  A bit like grouting, perhaps…..


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