Reflective post number 9


21st November 2016: WORK IN PROGRESS UPDATE

I’ve been thinking about:


People/absence of people: what people leave behind when the go

Things you don’t expect to see in the landscape.

Not sure how it all ties in yet, but here are some pictures of what I’ve been thinking about:

Stone 2.jpg
Yarn bombing in the Outer Hebrides

While waiting for the paint to dry on my wall painting (see previous post) I took great pleasure in doing some yarn bombing.  This was triggered by the fact that there are so many sheep in the Outer Hebrides, and the strange need to cover a rock with wool with the thought of seeing how it looks back in the landscape.  I think it looks at home.  More so than these, perhaps…..

Coastal Watch Centre, Gwennap Head

……at Gwennap Head, at the Coastal Watch Centre, South Cornwall.  These are to stop boats running aground.  Coming across them from the coastal path, one could be forgiven that something had just landed….

From North to South our landscape is full of standing stones and other objects such as these and the early warning ‘golf balls’ on the North Yorkshire Moors.   I quite like the idea of introducing a structure unexplained and in an unexpected place.  Meanwhile, I think I’ll yarn bomb a standing stone and see if anyone notices…


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