Critical Analysis

  Sparrow, V. British Folk Art: The house that Jack built. Exhibition Review.  Dandelion postgraduate arts journal and research network.  Volume 5 Number 2 Spring 2015. Published by Birkbeck, University of London. In this article the author, Vicky Sparrow, uses the recent Tate Gallery Exhibition of British Folk Art (2014) as a starting point for a … Continue reading Critical Analysis



Adamson, G. 2013. The Invention of Craft. Bloomsbury  ISBN 978-0-85785-066-9 Adamson is a cultural commentator with a background in Research and Curation both in Europe and USA. He was Head of Research at the V&A at the time he wrote this.  In this work he argues that the notion of Craft is intrinsic to industrialization and … Continue reading Bibliography


Houze, R 2016. New Mythologies in Design and Culture. Reading Signs and Symbols in the Visual Landscape.  Bloomsbury Academic.  ISBN: HB: 978-0-8578-5521-3 In the introduction to this book Professor Houze examines Roland Barthes’ seminal work Mythologies in a contemporary context.  She starts by stating that the signs and symbols of the visual landscape are both … Continue reading Bibliography


Buszek, M E. 2011.  Editor, Extra/Ordinary: Craft and Contemporary Art (Introduction), Duke University Press, ISBN 9780822347392 This book takes a strong, political stance, and is interesting for that reason.  It mentions many of the authors and themes I have already examined (Adamson, signs and symbols, for example) and gives them a Marxist interpretation.  For example Buszek … Continue reading Bibliography


Jesnick, I 2016 Andamento: The First Ten Years themes, trends and variants. Andamento Volume 10 2016. British  Association for Modern Mosaic  ISSN 1752-5578 This article charts the history of British mosaic from the mid 19th Century to the present day. Interest in Mosaic in Britain coincided with the Great Exhibition of 1851 and the creation … Continue reading Bibliography


Bentley, P and Drostle, G. 2013. What’s it going to take to advance Contemporary Mosaic? Mosaic Art Now, 20 April 2013 Paul Bentley and Gary Drostle are both members of BAMM and have held the position of Chair.  This article covers their views as to why Tate Modern refuses to show Mosaic in their galleries. … Continue reading Bibliography


Bonaventura, P and Jones, A.2011. Editors  Sculpture and Archaeology (Introduction). Ashgate Publishing Ltd, ISBN 9780754658313 This book looks at the relationship between Art and Archaeology. It discusses the subjects from a collaborative viewpoint as the book is the result of a conference where papers were presented by academics in both fields.  The book discusses the … Continue reading Bibliography


Sandling, T. 2016 London in Fragments a Mudlark’s Treasures. Pub Frances Lincoln Ltd.  ISBN 978-0-7112-3787-2 Ted Sandling established the London Mudlarker community on Facebook, where mudlarkers can post photos of their finds for general discussion and identification. This book gives a background to the history of mudlarking and to some of his finds, including dates … Continue reading Bibliography


Kenny, R, McMillan J and Myrone M. 2014. British Folk Art. Tate Publications Ltd. ISBN 978-1-84976-264-9 This is the catalogue that accompanied the Tate Britain exhibition of British Folk Art in 2014.  It is a useful starting point for broad reading around the subject.  It also contains images of the articles displayed and essays by … Continue reading Bibliography

Reflective post number 1

MOSAICS: PIECES OF A PUZZLE 1st October 2016: DEFINITION Collins English Dictionary defines Mosaic as ' a design or decoration made up of small pieces of coloured glass, stone, etc'. Initial searches for relevant academic information on the subject of Contemporary Mosaic Art Practice brought up references to chemistry and electronics, where the word 'Mosaic' … Continue reading Reflective post number 1

Reflective post number 3

MOSAICS: PIECES OF A PUZZLE 18th October 2016: REFLECTIONS ON SUMMER SCHOOL  Over the summer I went to North Uist in the Outer Hebrides and spent a week at the University of the Highlands and Islands on a Summer School called 'Art and Archaeology'. During the week we  visited several archaeological sites and discussed our … Continue reading Reflective post number 3

Reflective post number 7

MOSAICS: PIECES OF A PUZZLE 8th November 2016:  WOT, NO MOSAIC?  This morning's seminar produced some really interesting ideas about how to approach our research for the R&I module.  Some people have been complaining that they have too much information to read: I have the opposite. Initial research efforts drew a blank and I have … Continue reading Reflective post number 7

Reflective post number 10

MOSAICS: PIECES OF A PUZZLE 23rd November 2016:  A BIT OF A BREAKTHOUGH: PIECES START TO FALL INTO PLACE I've been reading A LOT about Art, Craft and Mosaics.  I have been reading Mosaic blogs as already mentioned, and publications such as Andamento  (published by BAMM), Mosaic Art Now and MosaÏque.   Until this week I … Continue reading Reflective post number 10

Reflective post number 11

MOSAICS: PIECES OF A PUZZLE 25th November 2016: MAKING CONNECTIONS Another form of mosaic using broken shards of china is called 'Picassiette' a French word meaning ' stolen from plate'.  This seems to have been widely adopted in Britain, in preference to 'Boody Ware'.   In the French City of Chatres there is a house … Continue reading Reflective post number 11

Reflective post number 12

MOSAICS: PIECES OF A PUZZLE 3rd December 2016: ASPROM CONFERENCE AND AND OTHER PIECE OF THE PUZZLE FALLS INTO PLACE Today I attended the annual conference of the Association for the Study and Preservation of Roman Mosaics (ASPROM ).  Over lunch I took the opportunity to ask Chris Smith, a prominent Mosaic artist and an expert … Continue reading Reflective post number 12